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Alright, and here comes my SU! Make way! Also, I stole Sovereign's SU thingie <.< It looked too nice. Plus, we're doing a joined story, so it's FINE! Right? ... Right?

FULL NAME: Rowan de Corbeil

AGE: Twenty-Four, 24

ALLEGIANCE: Kingdom of Dragons

POSITION: Protector of the Prince

APPEARANCE: Rowan is a young adult, and he definitely looks it as well. He’s got short, somewhat tussled blackish-blue hair and icy blue eyes. Along his left arm, from his wrist and up to his shoulder, he has a dark and light-blue tattoo running up, the difference in colouring making it looks like it’s glowing, in a pattern, much alike a dragon’s breath in motion.
Unlike most knights, he isn’t covered in armor, nor does he use a shield. Favoring speed and agility over defense, he only wears light, silvery-blue platemail along his shoulders, chest, sides and long boots.
He prefers wearing a pair of black, leather gloves, and the coat that’s part of his armor has fur covering his neck in the semi-high collar to keep him warm while he’s flying around on his dragon.
He has a dagger sheathed at his right side, and on his left, he keeps his bastard sword sheathed. A semi-long blade of the same icy-blue colour as his eyes, with a dark-blue gemstone grafted into the hilt. The sword was given to him by his father, whom had it specially crafted by one of the smiths in town, and so, it doesn’t have a name. At least not yet.
Beneath his armor, and when he usually just relaxes, away from fighting or scouting of any kind, he wears a loose, short-sleeved black tunic and a pair of matching, black pants, but still prefers to wear his gloves, even then.

HISTORY: From a very early age, Rowan was brought up with a sword in his hand, due to his father being one of the king’s closest allies, and a high ranking member of his guard. As such, Rowan was being brought up to follow in his father’s footsteps and protect the crown at all costs. Rowan’s mother was a breeder, or a caretaker, for the kingdom’s dragons, though she obviously wasn’t alone in this, she still had the honorable profession of keeping the newborn and growing dragons of the kingdom healthy and strong.

While growing up, Rowan was paired off with the prince of the kingdom, since both the king and his friend, Rowan’s father, felt it was necessary for the young prince to have a playmate to not grow up a cold and calculating tyrant, and instead introduce him to friendship early on. Rowan and Cyrus, the prince, grew close rather quickly and spent many months enjoying each other’s company and having fun with one another.

As they grew up, the prince had to see to his duties more often, as did Rowan, such as going on patrols or keeping check of the dragons alongside either his mother or father. At the same time, his mother entrusted Rowan with a semi-young Druddigon who’d been in their family’s care for a while, so Rowan had a good relationship going with it, as his father had his own Salamence following him around. The Druddigon seemed content with having been paired up with Rowan, and he in turn, was happy with having found a companion that he had known from when he was little.

Rowan and the prince didn’t have much of a professional relationship and treated each other more as distant brothers than a prince and a servant, and despite their differences in status, they still enjoyed each other’s company every so often. That is, until the prince’s mother died.

As Cyrus pulled back, away from those around him, the politics and most of his princely duties, Rowan was the only one, aside from the king, that he seemed confident in trusting, and Rowan made it clear to him that he would never back down from his side, neither as a servant, nor a friend. It wasn’t long until the king asked Rowan’s father to allow Rowan himself to become the prince’s protector and personal servant, to which both his father and Rowan agreed, happily at that.

Now Rowan and his Druddigon spends their days close to the prince, making sure that he’s safe while also performing whatever tasks his young highness would have for him.
SPECIES: Druddigon


Rex’s scales are a deep, dark-blue and his spikes and head are the same, dark-red as a normal Druddigon’s would be. However, his tail is somewhat longer than a normal Druddigon’s, as are his wings. There almost isn’t a time when he’s carrying around the saddle strapped onto his back in a harness with straps wrapping around his shoulders and belly to keep the saddle (and Rowan, when he’s riding him) in place.
The Druddigon also seems to have had light platemail gauntlets attached to his forearms, of the same colour of the scales below for added protection, but not weighing him down.


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