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edit: update 1:
started new game, named girl character Kazzy
got a totodile from prof. elm named T-Rex
went to cherrygrove city and got the running shoes from the old man
saved and quit here because i was going to school soon
went to mr pokemon after school
got the apricorn box on the way
got the mystery egg and the pokedex
fought the passerby boy and his chikorita
told the police his name was Darwin
gave prof. elm the mystery egg
ethan taught me how to catch pokemon
went back to cherrygrove
caught a caterpie named Dragonfly
went to violet city
got slugma egg and trio box wallpaper from primo
saved game

Totodile (T-Rex)
lv. 8
scratch - leer - water gun - rage

Caterpie (Dragonfly)
lv. 5
tackle - stringshot
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Username: milkymew
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