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    Sinnoh is my favorite region. In the first place, it's amazing in terms of design. In the second place, I like my game to last, and there are lots of things to do in this one. It was pretty addictive how Rowan sent you from one errand to another... um, I mean, how the adventure proceeded. Barry annoyed me initially (I named him "Pest" in my first Platinum walkthrough :D ), but now he's one of my favorite rivals- he actually has a personality and he shows character growth. I love the starters as well as the wild Pokemon. Team Galactic, admittedly, was meh. Personally, I think every evil plot is inferior to BW's. Also, it was slightly annoying that we needed so many useless HMs. The E4 was actually slightly challenging (see Lucian) and Cynthia was... Cynthia.
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