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Abraham Soule

Abe sat quietly as he read the dark one's mind. He discovered that this human had no particular name, but was often referred to as Vesper. He also worshiped the God of Death, Delinus. That was bad. Abe had met worshipers of Delinus before, and they were no simple matter. It made sense that Vesper was a mercenary; after all, mercenaries brought down Delinus's deadly fury upon those of the mortal world. However, in Abe's own experience, Delinus worshipers tended to be deceitful and potentially dangerous, some even going insane and dealing out death wherever they can. Some of the worst mass-murderers and serial killers in Adlania had been Delinus worshipers. Still, he decided to think nothing major of it unless he received some indication of hostility from the human. For now, he would simply keep an eye on him.

"You are mistaken, friend," Abe began, removing his hood, "I have no face, whereas you are blessed with one."

Abe had once made it a habit to examine anyone he would be working with mentally before a mission, so as to make sure he was not working with insane people. He turned to the Musus, Narr Effeld. Indeed, he was an interesting character. From what Abe could read in the Musus's mind, he had a somewhat naive, almost childish view of the world, but he was skilled and craved adventure. His cheerful attitude will bring life to the group, Abe predicted. Next, he turned attention to the Bard, surprisingly another human. He had sung a song to which Abe had politely applauded before he sat down. He seemed to be a calm person, sitting at the table just as quietly as Abe and Vesper, but he did not appear quite as enigmatic as the other two.

Yes, this team would be quite alright. He had his doubts about Vesper, but the other two seemed perfectly alright. From the simple fact that there were two humans around the table, he deduced that their population must have been growing, and possibly coming out of their cities for once. Indeed, they were a rare sight, but they reminded him of his dear mentor Ygreg. Despite what all others thought of the man, he still managed to make it high up into the Magic Society. He was an inspiration for Abe, because he, too, would never have been expected to become a powerful Mage. Still, he was far more powerful than he let on, and he was determined to prove it.

Narr was the first to react to the old Musus's kind words towards three out of four of the adventurers. His rather rude words may have been a little too loud, since a nearby table of Lizans was now staring at the group with somewhat angry eyes. Lizans, as Abe had discovered growing up with them, could be rather temperamental sometimes, especially the males. He only turned his head to the Lizans and stared them with his blank slate of a face, the white patch on it unnerving them a little more than they out to have been. A couple slumped back in their seats, looking away from the Umbran, but the others only looked at him more menacingly. Their expression read a clear message, and with a quick mental scan, it was confirmed: "Get out." Abe was happy to oblige, no longer wishing to spend any time in this old shack. He would rather welcome the rain outside than the beings in here.

So, he stood up next. "Indeed. I, too, am prepared," He said, rising slowly from his seat. "Which way is the cave?"
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