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I've slowly been making my way through this challenge (sooo many distractions!), and finally here's my third update.
  • Explored the Relic Passage.
  • Won the Driftveil PWT with Tepig, Archen, and Shaymin.
  • Beat up Team Plasma on their frigate ship along with Hugh and Cheren, then got teleported out by the Shadow Triad.
  • I think this is when Cheren gives us HM Surf, so... it's time to explore the waters of the world so far!
  • Finished off the exploration with Mistralton Cave, where Shaymin temporarily learned Flash.
  • Passed through Chargestone Cave and reached Mistralton City.
  • Checked out Route 7 and the Celestial Tower.
  • Returned to Mistralton City and challenged the gym. I was a bit worried about this one because my usual trump card is at a disadvantage. :/ It was a pretty good battle! Her Swoobat was odd in that it wasn't the typical Calm Mind Swoobat used by some other gym trainers. That was a kinda happy surprise, since Heart Stamp meant that Squirtle's Rocky Helmet would damage it as well. Although Attract plus Heart Stamp flinching was annoying, we eventually prevailed, despite her using a Hyper Potion. Thank you, Rocky Helmet and Torrent! ^-^ Swanna was next. I took the time to get off a Leech Seed on it, then withdrew Shaymin because Air Slash was quite damaging. But not to Archen! It tried to Feather Dance, but that didn't help because Ancient Power is Special. So with that, only Skarmory was left (I forgot she had Skarmory, so that was another surprise. Also, her entire team starts with "S!" ). I was able to pull off two Ancient Powers before Steel Wing brought Archen down to 5 HP. So Tepig finished the job easily, winning us the Jet Badge!
  • Next time: Lentimas Town!

The team so far:

CharacteristicQuick to fleeStrongly defiantMischievousHates to lose
AbilityBlazeDefeatistTorrentNatural Cure
ItemEvioliteNoneRocky HelmetLeftovers
MovesFlame ChargeAcrobaticsSurfEnergy Ball
Head SmashAncientPowerBiteLeech Seed
StrengthU-turnIron DefenseReturn

Approaching team member #5! ^-^
Completed Solo Runs
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