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I've actually posted this on more than one place.

Basically, this story is a Magical Girl + Murder story. Right now, that's actually just a cover up and all you get to know.

Also, let me tell you that it's going to get much darker and much more explicit later on in the story.

Rated M for: explicit content (such as chopping up bodies) mild to strong language, suggestive and or sexual themes, massive murder and therefore, dark story.

If you are sensitive to that sort of stuff I must warn you to read no further.

Every chapter shall begin with a one stanza poem because I find that stuff cool. Yes, I wrote the one stanza poems. Everything I use in my stories is raw content I wrote up.


Daddy Deathbed;


Innocence is bliss they say;
on a night when alone

you better do as I say
I’ll let you roam free
as long as you aren’t
one of them.

…Innocent people. Such disgusting creatures. All they do is live their lives and show nothing for it. They perform the same tasks every day and don’t think twice about the world around them.

Innocent humans are filthy. All of them can die. If all the innocent people are killed, the filth they carry will disappear, more or less.

Murderers, too, carry filth. The murderers pollute the air and take all their poison with them around the universe.

Something must be done. The world is full of rotten, disgusting creatures. All innocent humans, all murderers, perhaps all humans can just die.


There is no way I’ll end their lives. I won’t dirty my hands on such pathetic creatures.

I’ll summon six adolescents to do all the work for me. I’ll give them magic power. World killing magic, mind eating magic that will just be enough to kill innocent people.

Of course, however, I cannot tell the girls they are killing innocent humans. That would only cause the girls to mistrust me; I cannot allow that.

I’ll make the girls do what I wish, but knowing the girls they’ll want something in return. So I’ll let the girls get whatever they desire…money, power, sex, extra lives…whatever the hell they wish. As long as they kill the innocent for me. It won’t matter a thing to me what they do.

In the end, only one is going to live anyway, I know that girls cannot emotionally handle many things.

Enough of that, however.

The time has come for a change.

Chapter 1 All Horror Starts The Same;

In the preface of everything

arose a hero
a hero of nothing
a killer hero.

My name is Iuna Pensuca. Or, at least, that’s what I’m called by everyone, and what my birth certificate says. I wouldn’t know the difference.

…My parents. They were murdered when I was young. I have no family members left. I am alone in this world with no one to look after me, watch me grow, tell me “you did a good job,” all of that is in the past now for I have received a request from an anonymous man who claims my life will change in a heartbeat. Screw what adults say about not trusting strangers.

Almost there, about a quarter of a mile away. In minutes everything will change. My life could finally mean something. I picked up the pace. The faster I get to the location, the better.

Minutes later I arrived. Quietly scanning the location was must, yes scanning the area was a must. The area I had entered was all black with smidges of white; it would appear that whoever sent the request letter was not human. I quietly entered the area without second thoughts.

“Hello,” I spoke. “I have arrived.” I made a steadfast trot over to the center of the cave.

In the dire center lied a figure. A sullen man, all black, lean, sexy and dark looking. Taking a closer look at the man he appeared to be twenty six. Overall, the requester seemed normal to some extent.

“You must be Iuna Pensuca,” the man said to me. “You’re late you know, I will let it slide for now.”

“I’m sorry,” I sighed. “I had no fathom of where I was going. It will never, ever, happen again.” I took a look around me and quickly took note that there were five other girls in the room with me. Each girl had different distinctions that characterized them.

The first girl to the left had black hair pulled back in pigtails, gold eyes and was about 4 foot 7, and from the looks of it, she was perhaps two years younger than me. She had that cheerful whiff to her as well, which made it evident that she was possibly in her first year of middle school.

The second girl to the left had shocking pink hair that had reached down to her waist, pure black eyes that give glisten on a very light day, and was perhaps 5 foot 1. She seemed about my age from just looking at her. She also seemed kind of unsettled and rowdy.

The girl next to me had hair that was green as spring grass in a corkscrew ponytail; her eyes were related to shade of dead violets, and perhaps 4 foot 9. She could be older than me or younger than me; it was too hard for me to tell. To me, she seemed like a more focused girl.

The girl to the right seemed kind of cute. Practically too cute to be in a dark cave. She had flowing gold hair with sparkling ribbons attached and innocent blue eyes. She was at least 4 foot 8. She might be a year younger than me.

And the girl on the end had very strange charms. White hair that was bouncy and feather like, white eyes of pure dullness. She seemed about 5 foot 3. Pretty tall compared to everyone else. She seemed about a year older than me. Everything about the girl made her seem like the quiet type.

Compared to the five other girls I was simple, perhaps too simple looking, but that wasn’t important right now.

“Karagoma Zantatula, Shiakomi Rakashoki, Unima Vensulaca, Hoshiri Taki, Tsuka Yuki and Iuna Pensuca, thank you for coming.”

The man motioned his ring finger at everyone.

“Now, girls,” he said. “Allow me properly introduce myself,” the man walked up onto a pedestal. “My name is Daddy Deathbed, and you will be serving me.”

“Serving you?” the first girl asked. “What are you going to have us do for you?” Right away it seemed she felt discomfort.

“Glad you asked that Karagoma Zantatula. You will be serving me as magical girls to kill all the murderers in Japan.” He took a deep breath and continued to speak. “You will use your magic to murder these criminals and in exchange I’ll give you whatever you desire. Money, sex, extra lives, anything, as long as you perform your duties I will give you whatever you wish. Now step forward.”

All of us stepped forward and did as requested. In each of our hands he placed a black object that was shaped like an amulet. Daddy Deathbed pointed to our necks, which in retrospect, meant we were to wear them like a necklace.

“Now you are you to never take that off,” he said sternly. “They have access to your magical powers,” he gave us one more look. “I must warn you, however, that if you use too much magic it will consume your mind and body. Remember that.”

We all nodded.

“Now what?” The first girl asked again.

“Now what you ask?”

Daddy Deathbed pointed to the left exit of his domain.

“You will carry out your first murder. I need to see you if you can handle it.” He handed the first girl a picture. “Here is a picture of your first assignment.”

“Right!” The first girl said again. “Alright girls, let’s do this!”

Such confidence she has…

All of us headed to the left like Daddy Deathbed instructed.

On the other side of the domain lied a part of Japan I had never seen before. Such beauty bestowed before my eyes. The world was such a strange place.

“So,” the first girl said. “Before we do this, why don’t we introduce ourselves to one another! I’m Karagoma Zantatula!”

The second girl spoke: “I’m Shiakomi Rakashoki. People call me the princess of destruction!”

The third girl spoke: “I’m Unima Venscala!”

Then the fourth girl: “Name’s Hoshiri Taki.”

Finally the fifth girl: “I’m Tsuka Yuka.”

“Right, well, I’m Iuna Pensuca.”

“Pensuca-san,” Karagoma said. “Let’s do this to save the world of evil!”
Karagoma held up the picture and we all crowded around her. The man had black hair and black clothing; he looked like someone who could be a murderer. “This must be the first victim, right? We transform to fight him, right, right?”

“That would be evident, yes,” Shiakomi said. “So we transform using that amulet Daddy Deathbed gave us, but how?”

“Perhaps we touch the button in the center?” Unima asked.

“Right! Let’s try that!” Karagoma chanted. “Everyone press the white button in the center!”

Such confidence…

Everyone pressed the small white button on the middle of their amulets, a second later a sentence appeared in the sky and I read it aloud.

“I am perfect,” I said.

After I chanted that sentence my body had begun to glow. Something was changing about me. Eventually the glow stopped and I was in a black dress with a chainsaw weapon in my left hand. That must have been the transformation sequence Shikaomi mentioned, and like me, everyone else was in a dress of their own color and weapon.

“Right,” I said. “Let’s go.”

“Pensuca-san. I’m sensing energy to the left…we should follow it!”

I nodded and we all headed for the left.

“Ah, look, Zantatula, he’s over there!” Hoshiri announced.

Karagoma smiled.

“Okay then, let’s surround him!”

We did as she said. Why was she so confident? It didn’t feel right…

“…I feel malice deep within his soul,” Tsuka said. “Perhaps the six of us should attack him together first.”

“Right, good idea!”

“Zumotic Shorox,” I said. “You will meet your end.”

The man however did not speak. Very strange. I would expect him to mouth off like most villains do like on television. But regardless, he must have been the one Daddy Deathbed requested for us to murder; his appearance matched the image perfectly.

“He’s not saying anything? Good!” Shiakomi said. “That should make this simple.”

Simple… sure.

“Everyone! We should try saying ‘Brisk Casanova’ Daddy Deathbed said to chant that as an attack,” Karagoma announced. “Hold your weapon up and chant it!”

“…Right,” I said.


Our weapons and bodies started to glow a flaming golden orange tinge. The attacked together swirled and formed a large circular fireball. The fireball traveled over to Zumotic Shorox and eventually completely scorched the man. Strangely, however, the reaction of this villain was different than I expected: the man was screaming. I’d expect him to at least laugh or deflect the attack, but all the man did was scream.

“Shut him up! Attack him again!”


After the second time, the man was incinerated until the ground and he were one.

“Iuna-chan,” Horshiri said. “Could you finish him off for us?”

Why me? Why did I have to? Regardless, I did what I had to. I pressed the cord on the back of my chainsaw and begun to violently cut the dead body up until practically all the remains were everywhere and until I could no longer look anymore.

I backed away from the scene quietly trying to forget what I just did, but there was no turning back, and most certainly no forgetting.

“Good job Pensuca-san!” Karagoma said cheerfully. How could she be so cheerful? Damn her personality. “We should head back now though since the job is complete.”

“Right,” I said. “Oh, and also, please just call me Iuna as long as we’ll be working together for a little while, okay?”

“Okay, Iuna-chan!” she said. “Everyone, let’s head back already!”

All the girls spoke in unison: “Yes, ma’am.”

As we walked back I stared at the chopped up body. Again I took note of the amount of times the man screamed. Something wasn’t adding up. No, on second thought, nothing was adding up. There was something amiss about what happened.

“Iuna-chan!” Karagoma shouted. “Please hurry up or we’ll leave without you!”

I sighed. “Yeah, I’ll do that…”

I sped up with the group of girls to head back to Daddy Deathbed’s lair. But, still, nothing made sense to me. Everything seemed like a pipe dream or a nightmare, and like all nightmares, they come to an end when you wake up to realize it never happened. Only difference being…this most certainly happened and I have no doubt.

*To be continued.*


Yes, this will continue. I wrote this...about two weeks ago already. It took four hours to hand write the story and then on a random Sunday I started typing it. Sorry, it's like, only 2,100 or so words. I didn't make it too long at first, but the next chapter is going to somehow be longer!
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