Thread: D/P/Pt: The Sinnoh Elite Four
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I liked the Elite Four. As with what you would expect, they weren't pushovers (except Flint in D/P, he only had 2 Fire-types...), and provided a good challenge. My favourite Elite Four member has to be Lucian, because his team is full of strong Pokemon like Espeon, Gallade and Alakazam. They were a bit easier in Diamond and Pearl, as some of them had Pokemon that were a bit on the weak side (Aaron having Dustox and Beautifly, Berta's Quagsire, Flint's Flareon and Lucian's Bronzong), but that's just me.

To me, they were hard when you didn't have an overpowered Uber mon (glaring at you, Garchomp), since Garchomp gets moves that basically defeat all of them (Dragon Claw/Outrage, Earthquake, Fire Fang and Crunch is all you essentially needed to run the E4 into the ground), but in my 1st Platinum playthrough, it was a fun challenge.
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