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    I'd avoid Windows 8 like a plague! It's not gaming friendly (at least that's the word on the net). The RAM is only 8GB and 16GB is getting to be the more middle standard now. According to this site you may have some trouble getting max FPS on more graphically demanding games. I'm guessing that Sims4 will be quite a resource hog too. Other than that the lap top looks nice for a middle end.

    Check out this site, it's great for helping you build a new PC!

    Can't help with laptops myself, those are usually a package deal and I dislike laptops in general because they aren't exactly upgrade friendly.

    I just bought a beefy (7.9 Windows Experience Rated) ~$1200 Desktop ASUS last year and it's serving me well, so I can vouch for their hardware too. It WAS custom built though, not a package.
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