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    Since i got another blastoise and its evolutions i thought i would put together the Keldeo and blastoise deck. Not really sure what else is suppose to be in it, but i modified it to my playstyle.

    Pokemon: 16
    3-2-2 Blastoise
    2x Alomomola
    1x Keldeo (Hydropump)
    1x Keldeo EX
    2x Cryogonal (Call Sign)
    2-1 Milotic (Clear Search)

    Trainers: 23
    1x Town Map
    2x Skyla
    1x N
    1x Cheren
    1x Juniper
    3x Energy Retrievals
    1x Super Energy Retrieval
    3x Pokemon Communication
    2x Energy Switch
    1x Computer Search
    1x Escape Rope
    1x Pokemon Circulator
    1x Switch
    1x Revive
    1x Giant Cape
    1x Eviolite

    Energy: 20
    20x Water Energy

    I have 2 more slot in my deck for something. Not sure what else to put in. I had a level ball, but i found that it didnt help me find most of my pokemon. Only cryogonal and my pre-evolutions. Maybe replace it with greatballs or energy searches to allow me to use skyla to pull energy if i really need it. Though i really need cilans.

    Basic Strat is to use my hydropumpers and keldeo to hit hard while blastoise supplies with energy (obviously). Cryogonal is used to help search for pokemon i might be missing for setup. Milotic is really helpful to pick up extra energy or quickly put together blastoise on my bench. It usually gets 2 turns before it goes down and thats really all i need.

    Any suggestions for deck editing?
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