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    A-hem... I've completely spaced out on posting updates here. ; Such things may happen when you're too busy trying to survive, study and find a job. Anyhow.

    Since last update I finished up going through Victory Road and went to train up some for the E4, since I'm playing on Challenge mode. Several hours later (not because it was tedious) I was ready for a match. I had stocked up on Moomoo Milks, and all kinds of restores since I felt like I needed to have 5 of each in my bag again.
    Also I limited my grinding up to level 60, because over leveling is not fun.

    Here's the team BEFORE the battles (because it looks so much neater).
    There wasn't any change in movesets really, since I remembered EQ is at route 15 and that's a NOPE. Oh well...


    Verde / Serperior
    lvl 60 | Sassy
    Coil | Leaf Blade | Giga Drain | Return

    Absolem / Scolipede
    lvl 60 | Adamant
    Bulldoze | Toxic | Megahorn | Protect

    Shuyin / Breloom
    lvl 60 | Quirky
    Seed Bomb | Force Palm | Thunder Punch | Return

    Lumiere / Chandelure
    lvl 60 | Modest
    Shadow Ball | Flame Burst | Energy Ball | Confuse Ray

    Jiyan / Gallade
    lvl 60 | Naughty
    Leaf Blade | Dual Chop | Psycho Cut | X-scissor

    Sandrock / Lairon (NFE fave) *holding everstone*
    lvl 60 | Jolly
    Iron Head | Rock Slide| Dig | Protect

    So how did it go?
    I started with Marshal to get it out of the way. He's always been the "hardest" for me for some reason.
    • Throh eventually fell to Absolem and Verde switching between Protect and Toxic at first and then just all out Coiled Giga Drain.
    • I kept Verde out for as long as I could with the stat raises and kept healing myself to even out the damage received from Sawk. Occasionally I dared to slap some sense into the game and Leaf Blade.
    • With Mienshao I changed to Lumiere to Confuse the little bouncy weasel and hope for the best half the time.
    • Lucario fell to Absolem's Bulldoze after a few rounds of Protect stalling.
    • Finally Conkeldurr - Don't know where I should've started with this thing. I risked switching to Lumiere for a Confuse Ray and then change to Jiyan to avoid possible Stone Edge (game and it's hax-accurancy).
    After all that I just sighed because it was over, the rest of the E4 feel much easier to me.
    I went to read books with Sauntal next.
    • I've never liked Cohagrigus. The ability it has sort of has it's uses, but to put simply I just dump them to the PC. But now... I sent in Verde, Coiled a few times and hit with Leaf Blade to get Mummy. (Because obviously I don't hack so my serperior doesn't have contrary.) Then I finished it off after a few rounds.
    • Suddenly Golurk! O_O muehehee... I hit it with my Mummy ability to pass it along and nullify the Iron Fist boost it would get before switching out to Shuyin to more or less just spam Seed Bomb and re-gain the Mummy.
    • Just my luck obviously that she would send in Drifblim (with acrobatics) next. I wasn't too worried. I was faster than it, so I prayed for a ThunderPunch crit. Which I got, but it wasn't enough. ;_; I had to go avenge with Jiyan's Psycho Cut (and also get back the Mummy again...what?)
    • Finally she sends out her Chandelure, which I instantly hit to pass the Mummy along to and hope for the best. The Psychic it has hit's still fairly hard and I have to switch out to my own one, Lumiere, so we have a Shadow Ball showdown. o-o
    • Banette falls over sort of disappointingly easily, but hey... E4 is E4

    After that I saved and won't probably have time to finish up just yet.
    But hey... here's an update. =)