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    Yeah trainer cards is something i really lack. At least any good ones. I have pretty much all the support cards i have in this deck already, minus 2 hughs.

    Eitherway, atm my energy count works really well for me. My roommate is playing around with an all basic deck, rainbow deck. Most of the pokemon in his deck have 100+ hp so the abundance is really nice so i can just slap it down and mow them down. At one point i had 7 energy on Keldeo EX, just to take down a Landorous EX with a rocky helm and ended up double KOing and still having enough energy in my hand to drop it on blastoise for the win.

    I think my deck could really use another Feebas/Milotic so i can drop the Cryogonals and like 2 or 3 Cilans to make the Skylas and Comp search i have, really help me out of a tight spot when i run out of energy. Instead of using either of those to pull one energy or take a chance on Cher/Juniper.

    Though you may be right. My deck does recycle energy pretty well with the energy retrievals. So i might be able to take a few out.
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