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    She nodded to each student in turn as they entered, watching how each of them dealt with entering the new environment. There was work to be done here, but it wasn't as bad as she had been expecting. Once the last student had arrived she stepped forward. When she spoke her English was impeccable yet it was with a clear French accent.

    "Good morning students. I trust we are all well and I 'ope none of you 'ad any trouble finding the classroom. My name is Emigre and I 'ave been assigned as your mentor during your time here at the Academy. You will 'ave many different teachers and trainers, but I will be overseeing your overall education. If you 'ave any questions or problems while you are 'ere then feel free to seek me out. All I ask of you is that you apply yourselves while you are 'ere. I will forgive many things, but if you are lazy we will 'ave problems."

    Uncrossing her arms she placed her palms on the desk and looked at each student in turn. The unsettling thing was that there was no way to tell where she was looking unless she turned her head in that direction.

    "I want you each to take a good look at the other people in this room. These are the people you will 'ave most of your classes with. These are the people you will train your powers with, go on assignments with. You are all from different parts of the world, with different backgrounds and personalities, but this is not what is important. What is important is that you are all mutants, and we are proud to be mutants. You 'ave all come here to learn and improve yourself, and this is admirable, no? And with 'ard work, you may all become X-Men someday. So please, wipe your slate clean. Remove any prejudice you may 'ave, remove the first impressions you got from each other when you came into this room. You will never 'ave the chance to change yourself or the way others see you as you do today. So choose to become the best person you can be, right now."

    Emigre ran a hand across her head, and it did in fact seem like she was bald, there was no sign of movement from hair. Walking around the desk she sat down on it, crossing her legs at the ankle. Now for the fun. Students almost always hated this part, she had been reliably informed.

    "If any of you 'ave any questions about me before we proceed I will be 'appy to answer them, I think it is important you know the person teaching you. Before that 'owever, I want to talk about your names. As some of you may know, it is traditional for a mutant to select a new name for themselves upon discovering they are X-Factor positive. It can be anything at all but usually it is a summary of your powers, your personality or, if your mutation involves your appearance, what you look like. Or perhaps all of these things. It can even be a name that is given to you by your peers, or the media if you are not so lucky. Storm is so named for her ability to control the weather, while Beast is named for his bestial appearance. It is to signify the start of your post-human life. A persons mutant name can change, but this is not so common. With this in mind, please think of what you may wish to be called if you 'ave not already. There is no rush on this, it deserves thought."

    "That said, what I would like is for you to introduce yourselves to each other. Your name, your post-human name if you 'ave one, where you are from, what your mutation or ability is and why you are 'ere, what you 'ope to learn or achieve. I think the order you arrived in is one as good as any," she said, lifting her hand towards Boyce. Usually after this exercise the students turned it around on the teacher, but it was important to start establishing familiarity amongst them. Their lives may depend on it someday.
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