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    My friend had a lot of problems running Minecraft and SWTOR on Windows 8. It's nice to hear some people had good luck with it though.

    Personally I have no reason to choose 8 over 7 since I won't benefit from all the touch screen things. I also have no use for the new Direct X features. I highly dislike the new interface too (I know it's changeable, but I'm happy with 7 honestly). I will probably skip 8 altogether, unless it supports something amazing hardware wise. I usually have a PC for at least 4 years though, so hopefully the new Windows 9 seamlessly combines the two with no bumps.

    I did more research and read this though. Sounds like it can be better for some things, like security and boot times.

    I suppose it won't hurt to go for 8, the main advantage sounds like boot times. I never fully shut down my computer though, so that is no issue for me. Hibernate is awesome! What can I say though, I'm biased towards 7 because it has never let me down and I have never heard anything negative about it, ever (apart from backwards compatibility but that's what VM Ware is for).

    Also custom builds can definitely be good, if you know what you're doing. Personally I like to have an advisor (in person) just in case. Frying your own hardware will cost a person more money than that extra assembly fee. ^ ^;
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