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    ooo this looks like fun
    1. It's morning, and you wake up to find an unpleasant surprise. Most likely what would the unpleasant surprise be?

    a) None! I'm too happy to have an unpleasant surprise~ ^0^
    b) My hair's all messed up, some freakin' moron stole my breakfast...gah. T.T
    c) I'm a bit cranky...that's it though. o.Od) What kind of question is this?

    2. It turns out you bump your head right after you wake up. What is your reaction?

    A) Curse loudly
    B) Smile and pretend nothing happened and go on to live the day to its fullest
    C) Groan at your stupidity and THEN pretend nothing happened

    3. What's your favorite color?
    4. What is your gender?

    a) Female
    b) Male
    c) I don't have one =D

    5. What is your first impression of a Pokeball after you have been caught?

    a) cramped....
    b) I wanna go home ._.;
    c) Foolish humans
    d) =)?

    6. You're a Pokemon, and a human approaches you carrying a Master ball. Immediately what would your reaction be?

    a) Cry and hope they will take pity on you
    b) Run/hide >>;
    c) Throw them this glare that shows you are not the one to be tested

    7. Which setting would you prefer to live? (i.e. a mountain, city, stream...etc etc)
    8. If you had the opportunity to enter a Pokemon Contest, which contest would you win?
    9. What would you do if you met a Pokemon the same species as you?

    a) Try and make friends..or maybe fall in love ^.^
    b) Appear nervous/anxious/scared
    c) Smirk at the pitiful creature
    d) Ignore it

    10. You see a very weak pokemon, in fact, a weaker pokemon than you. You do what?

    A) Beat it up.
    B) Take pity on it and leave it alone
    C) Ignore it

    11. Scratch that. It's actually stronger than you and is about to attack. ; Now what do you do?

    A) Make fun of it, daring it to fight you
    B) Meekly say excuse me and shuffle away embarassedC) Ignore it

    12. You see someone taunting you, making fun of you badly, what do you do?

    A) Shoot back your own witty remark >)
    B) Stay quiet until he/she finishes
    C) Cry ;o;
    C) Ignore

    13. Describe yourself in one word.
    14. Do you like Light, Dark or neutral?
    15. Who is your favorite gym leader, despite the regions?
    Misty water is so pretty
    16. What is your greatest strength?
    My uniqueness
    17. Weaknesses?

    a) I don't have any -.-
    b) Oh a lot of things I'm hoping to fix
    c) Some...but they're unimportant. =D;;;

    18. There's one last apple standing, and you're hungry. You're so close on reaching it until you hear the person next to you saying, "That was for my mom's health! She's so sick, and I promised her to buy her an apple!" Would you

    A) Say 'Awwwww here's the apple and hope your mom gets better cuz I'm so nice! ' (Well, something along the lines)
    B) Screw you. It's my apple and I got it first. T.T
    C) What kind of question is this?
    I'll become a happy butterfly, and ride on the glittering wind
    I'll come to see you soon
    It's best to forget the unnecessary things
    There's no more time to be fooling around

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