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    There are this many students? Oh, good lawd.

    One by one, Boyce would let himself look in the direction of the entering students, trying to somewhat acquaint himself with their looks. The guy immediately behind him was an interesting enough character, and the next was no different. Although he sure was cute. The next two were both girls; one appeared to be of middle eastern descent, while the other had the looks of someone from a foreign background. Swedish, perhaps? Wrong. When she spoke there was no hint of an accent, so for now Boyce appeared to be wrong. Of all the others in the classroom, she was apparently the most excited to be there. Of course, this wasn't necessarily a bad thing. No, it was more about envy in Boyce's rather than staring at them in jealousy or spite. Each had spoken when they walked in, except for the middle eastern girl and the guy immediately after Boyce. Were they nervous too, or were they just not the social type? Yes, now was going to be the time to evaluate and educate one's self. Whether he did it slyly or by approaching them, flashing a smile or giving the stink eye, Boyce would definitely need to ditch his little airborne pool party. No one likes a cocky mutant, no?

    Just as Boyce was getting deeper into the mental warfare in his head, the silent black mass that was at the front of the classroom began to speak. French? Interesting. Boyce had now turned his full attention to her as she spoke, trying to listen as hard as he could without over listening. Her accent was clearly French, but when she spoke it was clear and concise; well put together. Furthermore, she was making it clear that she was here for help rather than harm. Not that Boyce had ever thought he was going to be in danger while he attended the academy, but with coming to terms with his powers there had also came a sense of paranoia. That was a normal thing. Besides her ability to command the room, there was a said warmth to the figure that Boyce would've never expected based off of her appearance. More then just speaking to them, she seemed to really invest herself in their successes already. There was no way for any of them to tell that she was smiling, or that she had any expression at all, but she had done well by him with her speech. This isn't to say he's going to go frolic down the hallways, giggling with his newly-found friends... No, now that would take some work.

    He was a lot less opposed to it now, though.

    As Emigre continued to speak, Boyce found himself falling deeper into the fascination behind her speech skills. However, it did come at the price of suspicion. Emigre had never met any of them, and yet, she had the nature of someone that had been a part of their lives for quite some time. That was the hard part. Boyce wanted to trust her, she seemed nice enough, but he also found it hard to fully dive into that belief when there was so little that they knew about her. Now was not the time to go full out "Area 51!" suspicions on her. She continued to move through the motions, letting them know early on in the speech that these were indeed the people they would be seeing the most. Having stared at all of them at an appropriate length by his own standards, Boyce was alright with this. However, that was what she next addressed: She wanted them to let go out of their first impressions, and rather than dissecting the appearance and actions of one another, she wanted them to focus on themselves. Bettering of one's self through actions rather than thoughts. Boyce would do his best, but the nerves within himself were going to be the real kicker. He had learned and nurtured a certain level of confidence while he played sports, and that confidence was still there, but it had taken a considerable amount of damage after the discovery of his powers. Finding the full power of his confidence again would be his own internal struggle, but one that he could let affect his potentials with the potential team.

    So much to think about, so little mental stability.
    Head above water.

    Before Boyce fell completely off his rocker and into his own mind, Emigre dropped another bomb of sorts. She wanted them to pick their mutant name and more than that, she wanted them to introduce themselves and to reveal a few pieces of their past. Furthermore, Boyce was expected to go first. This early bird didn't want the worm. The name wasn't an issue for Boyce... No, that was the easiest of all the things ironically. He had already picked his name a few months in advance. It was more about his past. Specifically senior year. This was going to be the only issue he had. He didn't know the circumstances of the others and their powers, or what they did to get to this point, but knowing the very circumstances of his own was enough to make him want to shut down. Boyce had done his best to not put a lot of thought into that incident, only thinking about it in instances of emotional pain. He by no means "had it all", but what he did have he lost. Everyone has to grown up in their own way or another, and that had been his way of maturing. A rough one, but there was more good to take of the situation than bad. He would just have to be nervous.

    He would just have to get over it.
    Stand tall, stand mighty.

    "Well, since I have no choice..."

    Boyce muttered the few words to himself, standing and turning to face the class. Before speaking clearly enough for them to hear him, he swirled the water above his head into the remains of the crumpled water bottle. No more showboating for Boyce. Be humble.

    "For those of you, or all of you that don't know me, My name is Boyce. Boyce LeBreau. I am from a small parish by the name of St. Bernard in Louisiana, from a small area referred to as Meraux. My family is of French or Cajun descent... I got a little more of the Cajun then I wanted, but that's alright." The Cajun and French mix of his accent was a hard one to decipher, but he spoke his words clearly enough that there should be little trouble understanding him. "I am known as a bit of a freak back home... Actually, I think that may be a bit of an understatement..."

    Boyce's eyes began to shift but he carried on, doing his best to fight the anxiety in every way he could.

    "I had an incident my senior year of school. I wasn't aware of my abilities, I didn't know what was lying dormant inside of me, I had never been so angry. I.. I was playing soccer, in a sort of "big game", and I got mad. Well, maybe that's an understatement. Hell, partna..." Boyce began to shift a little more, rubbing his hands together in a rapid manner. "Anyways, I found out at that point that I was able to manipulate water. Whether that be the smallest little bit of water, or a larger body of such... I have the ability to control it. I can't make my own, though. That would sure be cool..."

    Slight pause.

    "I do have troubles, though. Like any of you, I am here to hopefully learn to better my abilities. Nerves do get the best of me, and I ain't always the easiest to get along with when I'm in a water frenzy. I get a little frazzled, you see... I can really cause havoc. I don't want to do that, though. Not unless it's for good. I want to be better. I want to do better. Maybe it's just my competitive nature?" Boyce could feel himself calming more, and so he kept on with his speech. "I would ideally like to make friends, or at the very least acquaintances. This is the first time I have been around other people like myself, and it's a drastic change. I haven't been able to be open, and even now I'm not sure I like what I'm doing. It's very hard for me."

    Boyce turned to Emigre, nodding his head and offering a nervous smile.

    "As for what I'd like to be called... Please call me Les Ouragan. It's french, and it means The Hurricane. I know that it might be a little cheesy, but get to know me... Well, you'll see that it's very fitting." Boyce gave one last glance at the class, cracking a bright smile for the first time before turning again to Emigre. He couldn't see her facial expressions, and that was a little hard, but she could see his and that was all he needed. He was beginning to get flustered again. "If you don't mind ma'am, I would like to take my seat now."
    SICK-AH-NING, hunty.
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