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I want to be one of those who say that the first season is the best, just like I claim that I like the pre-GBA games better than the newer ones. But I have seen the latest movies and some episodes of the BW anime so when I go back and watch those old seasons, everything looks so... ugly.

A recent episode kind of shows what I mean quite well, even though the differences are mostly in shading and colors and quality of backgrounds. And "special effects". The old style was more cartoonishly fun, while the newer is more neat. I do prefer old, chubby Pikachu though. I guess you could argue he's gotten more slim from all the training lol

I like that they actually have some things that give the anime a bit of continuity, like Ash remembering all his old pokémon and travels and such........ even though he is still 10 and it doesn't make sense at all. I will rejoice the day PokéSpe becomes a proper anime, or movie. Probably never will, but I'll dream.
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