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    I have between 4 and 5 thousand cards from over a decade ago that I just found in my closet last week. Most were kept in a box and in decent to good condition, but I keppt some in sleeves and they are mint. Wondering the value of -
    1st edition holo Alakazam
    1st edition holo Zapdos
    1st edition holo machamp x 2 complete evo set
    2nd edition holo Charizard holo, charmealon charmander set
    2ndand edition holo Hitmonchan x2
    2nd edition Raichu holo complete evo set
    2nd edition Poliwrath holo
    Holo Nidoqueen (edition with flower symbol) x2
    Holo Kangaskhan flower
    Holo Scyther flower
    Rocket edition Dark Dragonite (holo), dark dragonair, dratini set
    Rocket Dark Charizard, Dark Charmeleon, charmader set
    Rocket Dark Hypno semi holo
    Rocket Dark Arbok holo
    2nd edition pigeot holo
    Kogas Beedrill Holo
    Holo Aerodactyl fossil set
    Holo Smeargle (temple? Symbol set)
    Mewtwo Promo edition x2

    Like I said I have thousands more, I remember having more holos and somee rare trainers and energys, but I only listed the ones I consider in mint condition. If we were to assume the vast majority of the boxed cards are common/uncommon, can someone give me a rough estimate of my total value?

    A guy at a card shop here in town yesterday told me that he wouldnt give me more than $20, but I noticed he had the same Dark Dragonite set in worse condition for $100 and I very rudely told him to shove it up it a$$. I had never realized before that Pokemon cards would sell for so much! Thanks in advance for whoever helps me with this