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Okay, even though I haven't been posting I have been playing.
Trainer Turk, Egypt
Badges: Stone, Dynamo, Heat, Knuckle, Balance, -, -, -, []
Ka Sacer
Nincada, M, Modest, Compoundeyes, Lv44, King's rock
Metal claw, mud slap, fury swipes, leeck life
-He'll evolve into two noseless pokemon. Next level.

Skitty, M, Serious, Cute charm, Lv48,
Covet, faint attack, sing, assist
- I really should evolve him but I'm so attached to him like this =`-=;

Linoone, M, Quiet, Pickup, Lv48,
Slash, odor sleuth, covet, fury swipes

Duskull, M, Jolly, Levitate, Lv31, quick claw
Pursuit, astonish, confuse ray, foresight

Rhyhorn, F, Lightningrod, Lv30, King's rock
Stomp, fury attack, rock blast, scary face

And my friends
Capensis, Honey, Badger, and Ratel
my zigzagoon pack, who wield their HM moves with grace and dignity (though Capensis is a linoone and has no HMs- it was a toss-up on if I would go with him or Mellivora until I reached the point where I could catch my remaining team-members. I went with Mellivora despite Capensis having all around better stats in all but Sp.Att.)

And now you know what I do when I get bored~
(read: have far too much fun with overlay layers)
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