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    Originally Posted by Projectwolfie View Post
    Hey doesn't, have you ever thought of inserting Choice Specs to be alongside Choice Band since you're putting in newer items? Or is that even possible as of yet?
    I don't know how I forgot to put that in the changelog, but Choice Specs were added along with the other items. It was actually the first of the lot that I got working. They're obtainable in Saffron's Fighting Dojo and in the lowest floor of Cerulean Cave.

    If anyone is still looking for the others, they're located in Pokemon Tower, Seafoam Islands, and the Safari Zone. They replace existing (non-valuable) items, but with different flags so they're still obtainable on an old save.

    I was wondering, if there is a list of wild pokemon on routes somewhere?
    Sorry for totally missing this post- there is not one currently, but I might be able to whip one up. There's also the in-game Pokedex if you're looking for a specific mon- the only normal ones you won't see on trainers at some point are Abra (game corner exclusive), Beldum (Diglett's Tunnel), Larvesta (Safari Zone and Pokemon Mansion), and the Chansey line (everywhere outside).

    Yet Another Fire Red Hack

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