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Mackenzie O'Connell // Wildling Day 1.2
Mackenzie didn't notice the other three kids entering the room, instead inspecting his fingernails for any foreign materials. They were a little bit dirty, probably from moving his stuff around the past few days. Should he clean them in class? Was that a good idea? Would that seem rude? He proceeded anyways, using another fingernail to get rid of the black stuff.

The teacher started to talk, and Mackenzie probably looked like he wasn't paying attention, but he was. When he was satisfied with his fingernails, he returned to slumping in his seat, his eyes moving between the students he hadn't noticed come in, his hands and the teacher. One, two, three... four and five, including himself. Was this a full class? Because from what Mackenzie remembered, classes had way more than five people. Like twenty way more. It wasn't a big deal, it just meant that he had to try harder to not get randomly picked when the teacher asked random questions. Like she just did now.

Asking for a name, a... post-human name (geez, that didn't make him feel like a freak at all), their ability and what they wanted to learn. Well, at least it wasn't a math quiz.

One guy got up and proceeded to tell the class his life story. Mackenzie was glad he was at the back of class, lolling his head over his chair, trying to paraphrase the story to something slightly less long. His name was... Boyce (was that his name? Is that a name?) but his new name was Les Ourangan, something that Mackenzie would have a lot of trouble pronoucing. And he could control water. Everything else was hazy and hard to understand, something about getting angry when he was playing football. He said his really long story and sat back down.

Macca went next, though didn't bother standing. Might as well get his out of the way.

"Mackenzie O'Connell," he started, his obvious Welsh accent (or those who weren't familiar with different British dialects, just British accent) dripping off his words, "bu' mos' people jus' call me Macca. Um, I'm a shapeshifter, I s'pose," he said, making a face a little at the word. He had never really had to describe himself to anyone, since he hadn't told anyone. Would that be how he described it? Was that what he was? He wasn't even sure of it himself. "'nd I guess I wanter learn how to... control it? Yeah, I guess tha's it."

He felt a little silly describing himself like that but at least the teacher wouldn't annoy him later about not 'participating'.
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