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I prefer the newer ones. More shiny and gleaming, especially the water and fire. I did like the older grass moves better though. Bulbasaur's Razor Leaf was da baws, looking like a whirlwind around him rather than a few leaves thrown away. I think Chikorita started the trend of using only a few leaves in the Razor Leaf attack?

In a way, it's nice that they have made battles in the games more vivid and animated in gen VI, but at the same time, I most often disable attack animations because they take time and annoy me xD

I like how attacks were portrayed in the early arcs of the PokéSpe manga. There is a battle where a Mr Mime builds barriers all around a Heracross (I think) which makes it unable to reach out and battle, and thus has to forfeit. If I remember correctly. And Gengar used its shadow abilities to really sneak up on Green and Koga. Lots of creativity that we don't see in the anime and that can't really be shown in the games.

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