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    Originally Posted by LCCoolJ95 View Post
    Hey Jambo, can you lock your thread? I'm getting so sick and tired of new posts, expecting some sort of an update, and it's useless data that I could care less about.
    Just unsubscribe. You sir are kind of an idiot. Jambo has been seriously hard at work. Almost everytime I talk to him, he is working on custom battle scripting or ASM for new moves and effects. If you were on RHO Social, you would know that he has begun adding support for more HM type moves to be used outside of battle as of yesterday. He works very hard to bring you something that someday will be consisdered the standard in Rom Hacking and you can't even do the simplest thing, which is unsubscribe. It is litterally on your subscritions list, just below the Last Page link.

    There is a reason Jambo doesn't post updates as much here. Look at how you treated him in that last message. Why on earth would he give you what you want when you can't even respect him? I spent 5 hours solving a bug on his patch that has been there since the beginning and I wouldn't even dream of talking to him like that.

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