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    Originally Posted by miksy91 View Post
    Nice work! Though you should also add proper documentation of what ram areas the codings use. That way, it would be clear where the users could store all kinds of other data as well and not just bit values/sets describing flags and vars.
    It's pretty clear if you understand the ASM, but that's obviously a bit of a rarity. It repoints the flags into 0x0203C000 - 0x0203C1FF (0x200 bytes in total, giving 8 * 0x200 = 0x1000 flags).

    And the vars are repointed into 0x0203C200 - 0x0203C5FF (0x400 bytes in total, giving 0x400 / 2 = 0x200 vars).

    This memory is not normally saved, hence the requirement for JPAN's save block hack (which I link to a patch version of in the first post).

    If you use both of these routines, you are left with 0x0203C600 - 0x0203CEC4 in the save block, meaning you can place other useful things in it, for example, you could store roaming Pokémon data in it (hint hint, wink wink ).
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