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Update #4

- I trained up HERMES in the Pokemon Mansion, I picked up Blizzard and Solarbeam, and I retrieved the Key to open up Cinnabar's Gym.

- ATHENA soloed Blaine's Gym and I got the Volcano Badge and the TM for Fire Blast.

- I exited the Gym and accepted Bill's offer to go to One Island.

- I made my way through One Island to Ember Spa and picked up the HM Rock Smash. Then, I made my way to Mount Ember.

- On Mount Ember, I picked up my final team member; a Magmar I named VULCAN. I subsequently made my way to the top of the mountain where ATHENA took care of Moltres.

- I got back to the Pokemon Center on One Island and took the ferry to Two Island and Three Island, where I completed the Lostelle side quest.

- I got back to Cinnabar Island after that and decided I should train up HERMES and VULCAN some more by taking out the other two Legendary Birds. First, I went to the Power Plant where HERMES beat Zapdos. After, I went back to the Seafoam Islands where VULCAN beat Articuno.

- I flew back to Viridian City where I took on Giovanni's Gym. ATHENA and HELIOS made easy work of it. I won the Earth Badge and the TM for Earthquake.

- I took on my rival, SHIGERU, and beat him before making my way to Victory Road.

- I got through Victory Road with relative ease (and picked up Dragon Claw TM and Overheat TM) and taught HERMES Double Edge from the move tutor at the end of the cave.

- I'm currently back on One Island, just outside of Ember Spa, where I'm going to do some heavy level grinding before I take on the League.

Badges: 8/8

My current team:

Level: 56
Nature: Hasty
Ability: Overgrow
Razor Leaf
Giga Drain
Sleep Powder

Level: 50
Nature: Bashful
Ability: Natural Cure
Ice Beam

ZEUS (m)
Level: 56
Nature: Hasty
Ability: Inner Focus
Dragon Claw (from Victory Road)
Brick Break
Shock Wave

ARES (m)
Level: 50
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Hyper Cutter
Focus Punch
Brick Break
Swords Dance

Level: 44
Nature: Careful
Ability: Rock Head
Rock Slide
Aerial Ace
Steel Wing
Double Edge

Level: 45
Nature: Hardy
Ability: Flame Body
Iron Tail (from the Game Corner)
Strength (HM)
Double Team (from the Safari Zone)

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