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    So I am using this team for a little throwback tourney and i wanna know what you guys think. The team is mostly geared around trying to paralyze everything for the most part and use my dragonite and ninetails to clean everything up. Obviously gengar and eggy are good exploders and eggy also is a good sleeper lead for the most part though alot of people counter it with jynx.

    Psychic: So it has some dmg move
    Sleep Powder
    Stun Spore

    Psychic: smogon suggested mega drain but psychic still does more dmg to say a golem than mega
    Confuse Ray: good to parafuse if needed if theyre already paralyzed

    Snorlax (standard snorlax)
    Body Slam

    Starmie (now standard starmie)
    Thunderbolt (i had surf instead for stab dmg, but it was a pain to counter other starmies)

    Dragonite (I try to hide him till late game but never get to really)
    Wrap (to wrap like hell when theyre paralyzed)
    Icebeam (finnish reg def pokemon off)
    Thunderbolt (^just incase theyre resistant)
    Hyperbeam (to finnish specially defensive pokemon off)

    Ninetails (people say it sucks but its sentimental and seems to work great for me) LATE GAME USE
    Confuse Ray: Parafuse again
    Body Slam: attempt to finnish off specially defensive (a suprise for half hp chansey)
    Fire Spin: i fire spin after parafusing since ninetails outspeeds alot, so they never get a move in
    Fire Blast: strong finnish stab move that may also help a non ailed get burned to aid my low def

    What i usually do for eggy is sleep first move and then they usually switch so i paralyze the second turn to like double ail them, then switch out and usualy dont switch back in till i explode, so i dont know if psychic is useless or not. Anyway id love some feedback