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Originally Posted by tabor62 View Post
As a collector I love manuals. And the box. And the ads in it. And the plastic shrink wrap. Boy I'm nuts.
Nah, that's just the OCD in all of us!

I love manuals, and I love reading them. Some of them are written wonderfully, with Warioware Twisted's or Wario Land 4's being my favorite because of Wario's "comments". They're a great way to pass time too.

I don't get that with the digital manuals though. It's not they lack soul or anything like that, but I much prefer just grabbing the manual in my hands and read it when I'm bored, instead of having to turn on the system and read it there.

Imagine my surprise when I found out Rayman Origins had a manual in the Vita version! Was a very happy moment, I kid you not.

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