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    Originally Posted by hoheohi View Post
    can i catch Beldum where?

    P/S: my english is bad :D
    You can get one in Orange Villa.

    Originally Posted by alienhunterx View Post
    I am currently at Redwood city and still no sign of that VS Seeker. Also the map is not showing Brox city... Where is it?
    Sorry, but VS Seeker is not avaliable in this hack since this is not a FR/LG hack, but it's true that someone in this hack mentioned this item.

    Originally Posted by openkaart View Post
    Maybe I have misinterpreted but is this a completed hack? Or is it still being updated? Because in Vestria city there is a house were you can battle trainers, but once your inside you can't get out.
    And other (to me) small bug
    This is a completed hack, I sometimes release versions in which some bugs are fixed, and, Vestria City? I don't know if this place exists in this hack, please make it more clear, thanks,

    Originally Posted by White101 View Post
    i got kyurem and reshiram on my team and now how do i combine them into kyurem w ?
    You don't need to combine them, just use Fire Stone to Kyurem, and if you use Thunder Stone, it will turn into Kyurem B.

    Originally Posted by chaosrules View Post
    I started playing this today(just got into Pine Forest), I must say, it's a really fun game and all... But the grammatical and contextual spelling errors bother me to no end... It gets really tiring, is all.
    Sorry for the errors, someone mentioned them before, but I still haven't fix them.
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