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Originally Posted by Aerilyn View Post
For a filler, this wasn't terrible. You have your fillers which do nothing for the story and then you have your fillers that allow the characters to be developed. In this case, N was able to grow a little bit more understanding between the relationships of Pokémon and people. By how N acted at the beginning of the episode, he really needed it too. It goes to show that while N has the ability to communicate and understand Pokémon, he still doesn't fully understand them in terms of how they are with people.

My one big nitpick about this episode though? For someone who specializes in fire rescue, I absolutely cannot fathom how the writers thought it would be okay for him to use an ELEVATOR during a fire. That's like one of the first rules of what not to do when in a burning building; always take the stairs.

Also, I don't like how Hydro Pump is being portrayed. This has bothered me for awhile now. It doesn't feel natural when it comes from their hands like that.

Oh, and did anyone else lol at the fact that most of the moves Watchog used were HM moves? Even the writers use it like an HM slave. Poor guy.
I could not agree with you more !

It was a cute episode. N has to learn that Pokemon decide to be with people and they are not forcing them to join them.

I don't like the way Hydro Pump is being portrayed either! They need to change it.

My love for Watchog grow because of this episode! Might use it as my HM slave too lol
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