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To be honest, I think Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of a New World is a great game because it has a notsalgic factor from the origional Tales of Symphonia, but, it dooooes have things about it that can be better. For one thing, it's sort of unbalanced in a way, y'know? Sometimes you're either overwhelmed by the infinate Overlimit that certain bosses have (i.e Hawkie and Decus) and sometimes it's too easy, where you can basically leave the fighting to Emil, with your overpowered monsters in the back.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I think that fighting with monsters for a change is a nice idea, but still, it kind of sucks that you don't get to physically level up the previous Tales of Symphonia characters; they're on a 'set level', as it were. Sometimes that can be a little irritating when you're playing on higher difficulties.

You know, I really wish Emil had his own party of human characters, y'know? Like, mosnters is okay, but, like the other previous Tales of Games, I was expecting that at least some of the elements returned to that game (ie. Level-up ready human characters, Magic Lens, etc). Like, for instance, Alice and Decus could of been in Emil's party... I mean, why not? Sure Alice and Marta had their differences, but, still... I'd like to see her and Decus as part of the party. Plus, to be honest, I liked Alcie and Decus more than Emil and Marta.

But eh, that's just me.

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