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Hahaha daang... That person before me outdid me by alot! Anyways here's my SU!

Name: Lincoln Neal

Nickname: Link

Age: 14

Sex: Male

Dorm: Raikou


Lincoln stands at about 6’3 and weighs about 150 pounds. He’s extremely tall for his age and is very self-conscious about that. Lincoln has black hair that falls just above his eyes and is soft and wispy. Usually he wears khaki shorts with a button down shirt. He’s not very muscular but, instead is actually very skinny. This makes him fall into the “long and lanky” category of People.


From a stranger’s perspective Lincoln might be seen as a loner or an extremely shy kid. He’s not really any of those though. Unlike the loner he actually wants to interact and get to know people and unlike the bashful person he tries to make friends and talk to people. The problem is that because Link’s not used to interacting with kids his age he is really awkward and it doesn’t help that he’s also one of the clumsiest people out there. The only people he feels comfortable around aren’t even people. His pokemon are the only one’s that make him feel at ease and pretty much his only friends.

Link’s clumsiness often get’s him into trouble in battle’s. Although this hurts him later in battle he seems to pull through many times. He’s a really book smart person and he can make many different strategies for his pokemon in battle but, he’s not the best in terms of physical strength or street smarts. He has plentiful experience in battling because he trained with his father and watched him battle in many gym challenges.


Lincoln was born in Dewford Town of the Hoenn Region to a pokemon trainer and his wife. Lincoln’s father worked at the Dewford Town Gym under Brawley and specialized in fighting type pokemon. A few years after Link was born, his father decided to take on an adventure of his own and challenge all the gym leaders. This brought Link’s parents into an argument and they soon split up. Lincoln was taken by his father and he traveled with his dad around the Hoenn Region. Link often trained with his father and grew accustomed to battling pokemon. He had a natural tendency for the pokemon around him to befriend him. His father brought him along in all of his gym battles and as soon as the battle was over they kept on traveling. This made it impossible for Link to find friends of his age since he was too young to go on a journey himself. After Link's father defeated the 7th gym in Hoenn he soon realized that his son needed to be able to have a place to call home and where he could grow up. They moved to Lilycove City and the 9 year old Link thought it would be a great opportunity to make friends with kids his age. Little did he know that Lilycove City had no children other than himself. Link was crushed but, still trained with his father and started an education which he had a natural talent at. Link’s father soon needed a way to make money and support his family so he opened up the Cove Lily Hotel. Many well-known trainers stopped at this spot and they helped train and educate the young Lincoln. At age 11 Link went into the Lilycove Safari Zone for the first time. That was the day he was supposed to catch his first pokemon. However he froze up and was almost killed by a wild Dodrio. Heartbroken, he walked back home empty handed. He couldn't face his father after not even being able to capture a single pokemon. He went behind the Department Store and laid there by himself until he heard something rummaging through the trash. He found the source of the noise and it was a little Eevee with a scarf on it’s neck. It was trying to find food in the trash and it looked tired and weak. Link ran home and came back with some food for the eevee to eat. The little creature was extremely grateful and that eevee and Link became great friends. On Link’s 14th birthday his father told him that he needed to branch out and start on a journey of his own but, before his father would let him do that he enrolled Link in the Pokemon Trainer Academy so that he could get some experience first. And that is where the journey begins...

Species: Glaceon
Nickname: Holly
Personality: Very playful and extremely close with Link. Is the opposite of her trainer and often befriends other pokemon. Always wears a scarf.
Lvl: 27
Moves: Ice Beam, Aurora Beam, Shadow Ball, Toxic, Return, Hail

Species: Mienfoo
Nickname: Mickey
Personality: He’s very stubborn and cocky and often get’s into fights with other pokemon.
Lvl: 25
Moves: Drain Punch, Brick Break, Fake Out, Acrobatics, High Jump Kick