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BUG - It's the cutest and knows good moves.

DARK - It's typing is cool and its style, idea and appearance is awesome.

DRAGON - It's the most epic dragon.

ELECTRIC - Call me boring, but Pikachu will always be great to me.

FIGHTING - Blaziken was great but Infernape makes for an even more badass fire/fighter, being a monkey.

FIRE - Almost as cute as Charmander and almost as cool as Charizard. The best of two worlds and the best lizard and I think best starter also, imo.

FLYING - Almost tied with Pidgeot and Braviary. Skarmory is just a bit too awesome to have in Ruby to not be my favorite.

GHOST - There are some pretty nice ghosts, but Gengar is the original and best Kellogg's Cornflakes

GRASS - A cat/dog thingy that can throw leaves and stuff, squeeee!

GROUND - I've always loved Marowak's design and style.

ICE - I like its design and it was really fun to use in a RP :D The chains are useful.

NORMAL - Was my main battling pokémon every dime I played Ruby. I liked it in the anime as well.

POISON - He was nice to have in Yellow and among the various pokémon who shares the body shape with him, Nidoking is the best looking one I think.

PSYCHIC - It's extremely cute and has a lot of great attacks.

ROCK - If you'd want only one rock type, this should be it. It's a titan.

STEEL - This fighter is probably many people's favorite in one way or another, because its design is great for a bug and it's strong.

WATER - Always liked its design, even though I found the Poliwhirls more useful in the games, where Staryu was a glass cannon. Liked it better than Starmie, even though its evo was much stronger.
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