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    This is one of the most ridiculous things that I have ever heard. The kid should not have been in trouble in any sort of way. The very idea that he got reprimanded for such a simple action speaks ill of American education, and this school in particular. It was a PASTRY ffs. He ain't going to kill anyone with that. At least, not by shooting them... Their claim is entirely unfounded and I sincerely hope that the lawyer can get this expunged from the record. I don't think the school board was expecting this to blow up in their face like this, because based on everything I've been hearing, they seem pretty sheepish about the whole ordeal.

    As for the NRA, well played on their half. They get to swoop in and "help" the poor kid who has been victimized by this school. They get major publicity and since the memberships themselves are inherently worthless, they did not lose anything, either. In this light, they are the nice guys who help the kid back to his feet and let him know that what he did wasn't wrong etc. They teach him a few things, make him feel special, and well, the public loves them for it. It is a despicable tactic, but if it works, it works.
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