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    I can't say I expected much of a response from the YGO card. Those rarely get replies, even in the other Pokémon forums I post them on.

    I'm glad you like the others, though. I know the Alex Doll art isn't really the style you'd see on a card, especially a Full-Art, but I was wanting to use it since it was one of the few Pokémon-related artworks I hadn't ever used on a fake before. I had originally made it a Supporter and named it "Chibi Alex," but I figured it would be less-weird if I made it a doll, therefore an Item, instead.

    I was looking at my new Dunsparce card last night and noticed an error. The Poké-Body refers to the card as Dunsparce, rather than Alex's Shining Dunsparce. When I went to fix it this morning, I also noticed that the effect text for the Poké-Body and attack were different font widths (IIRC, the Body was 100% and the attack was 98%). Anyway, I fixed both of these errors:


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