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GB: Pokemon Blue, Seiken Densetsu; both great RPGs

SNES: Final Fantasy 6, Chrono Trigger; another two great RPGs

GBC: Pokemon Gold; it's less special than Crystal but I played it a lot more

GBA: Golden Sun (both games); really great story and nice mechanics (even though many people complain about it xD), it was my first real RPG I played (besides Pokemon)

GameCube: TLoZ The Wind Waker; I love this game because of the open world and the fighting mechanics

Nintendo DS: easily Radiant Historia; it's awesome in any way and I couldn't get away from it untill I beat it xD

PS1: Tales of Phantasia (only played the GBA port...) and Chrono Cross; ToP is really great and Chrono Cross has so many playable characters xD

PSP: FF4 Complete Collection; lot's of characters in The After Years and pretty awesome graphics, too

XBOX 360: actually I don't like any game I played on it...

Nintendo 3DS:
nothing special for the moment...I'm looking forward to get some really great games (at least I hope they're great)

PC (ok, it's no console, but whatever...): Morrowind; hugh world, awesome design and also I like the textboxes which are used instead the voice acting they use in the newer Elder Scrolls games

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