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    GB:Gargoyle's quest;This game was so hard when i was younger that i couldnt get past the first boss but right after the first boss the game gets awesome.It gets rather difficult later on though but it is still my favorite on the system

    GBA:Pokemon Emerald;Do i need to explain?It is my all time favorites

    PSP:A tie between Yu gi oh Tag Force 6 and Parasite Eve Third Birthday.
    Tag Force when you want something calm and Parasite Eve when you want something with Resident Evil 4 like action.

    NDS:Castlevania Order Of Ecclesia;The music , the characters , the challenge, the story....It was a beast of a game

    PS1:Castlevania Symphony Of The Night;Thats the only PS1 game i actually wanted to finish on my PSP(I have yet to play some other titles)That game is awesome but the final battle with Dracula was pretty easy.

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