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Originally Posted by Nick the Trainer View Post
Just finished Beta 3.1. Great all around, just got in to playing hacks and this one is great. Love the plot line, and it's a very interesting idea. Love the subplots too, especially the Magikarp battles.

One quick thing though, I noticed that when I beat the Brightbulb gym, the leader said he was giving me Leftovers and as far as I know, it never appeared in my pack. Not sure if I just lost it or did something wrong or if its a problem with the game. Just a heads up for Beta 4.

Really looking forward to it. Great Job.

Never mind, I found it, I was indeed just being dumb.

Again, great job with the hack. It's been a blast
Thanks Nick! Glad to hear you really liked it

And... here's another update!

I bet none of you has seen this much action going on in such a short amount of time in a pokemon game before. So take precious 14 seconds of your life and click the "Play" button in the center of this video screen. You won't regret it!

And that's not the full event of course
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