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...You're joking, right?
Smogon has plenty of guides to show you how to RNG, EV train, and learn about Pokemons' base stats/movepools and what they should be doing. It's like for Science class and you use a textbook. You don't go out and do field research for yourself, that's time-consuming and ridiculous because it's already been proven.
And the posted sets are only suggested sets, most of the time the EVs/moves don't fit into your team. They give you a general idea, not exactly what you should be doing. Smogon themselves leave more options underneath the set to help you out to fit what you need.
I'll just post a quote I feel is appropriate here. I don't remember the exact user, but it's a forum poster from Serebii:
"Smogon isn't 'attacking your creativity'. They don't have elite forces of ninjas capturing you forcing you to use Scizor."