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    Originally Posted by Mr. X View Post
    1 - No. I can name a entire list of current emulators that are not viruses. Current 3DS emulators yes, but not all current ones. Overly broad statement - You need to watch out for that.
    2 - Didn't stop a whole list of other systems. gba, ds, gc, ps2, wii... All of those were current gen when the first emulator came out.
    3 - Yes, and? These groups will be inclined to work on, perfect, their emulators. But that won't stop other groups from starting their own projects. That said, no$gba still had some kinks to work out on GBA emulation. Didn't stop Martin from adding in DS emulation.
    4 - Yes and no. Depends on the type of hack they are working on, and why. They might be hacking it to try and remove the region lock. They might be hacking it because hey, why not?
    1) I of course know that all emulators are not viruses. I use several emulators and ROM hack myself. I was speaking in the context of "3DS emulation."
    2) And I'd disagree then like I disagree now. It's ethically wrong to emulate current gen.
    3) They'd be inclined. Thats all I said.
    4) I assume that would be true. However, anyone who says "I want to hack 3DS's for the fun of it." really needs some new hobbies. >.< (Personal Opinion of course)

    Regardless, the answer to the original post: "Is there an actual 3ds emulater, and where can I get it, without fuss" is no.
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