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    Character Name: Prince Nokam Ylisse
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Class: Lord

    In looks, Nokam resembles his ancestor Chrom. He is tall, with blue hair. He wears light armor, as the Ylissean fighting style that he studies favors mobility over defense. In combat, his expression could only be described as "fierce", while out of combat he is generally thought to have a pleasant face. His brand of the Exalt (A birthmark symbolizing his connection to Naga) is on his chest, marking him as the true heir of Ylisse.

    Personality: Nokam was always raised for the title of Exalt. He was taught by both his mother and father in the ways of statecraft and diplomacy. Nokam disliked these lessons, and savored his sparring matches with his father. He has a very caring personality, never failing to reach out a hand to someone in need. He is slightly naive, as he has always been raised in luxury, but he does have reasonable experience "roughing it." Though he has been raised for it, Nokam has never felt comfortable while "in charge." This is mostly due to a lack of experience in leadership positions, but also stems from the fact fact that he is constantly comparing himself to his father.

    History: Prince Nokam is the descendant of the legendary Prince Chrom and the tactician Robin, and of their daughter, Lucina. He was raised by his mother and father in Ylisse, and lived a relatively sheltered life. That is, until an assassin murdered his father. No one had any idea where the assassin came from, or why he was sent at all. Ylisse had been peaceful for four hundred years after the destruction of the Fell Dragon, Grima. The halidom was immediately seized control of by the Council of Advisers, who prevented Prince Nokam of taking the Exaltship until they deemed him ready. However, as a peace gesture, they gave him his father's sword, the Falchion, the same blade used to destroy Grima all that time ago. Nokam is quite proficient with the blade, as he has been using similar swords all his life in preparation for the day he would have to wield Falchion.

    During his studies of history, he read an account of Chrom's Shepherds. He found the idea interesting, but saw no need for that kind of organization in the current day and age. However, when his father was killed, he found his kingdom under an unknown threat. He needed to rebuild his army, but he found he did not have enough experience to run an army. Instead, he started the New Shepherds, which serve as both a militia and a way for Nokam to get experience leading troops in combat. They also allow him to look for unknown talent, which gives him well-informed choices for the day when he will need commanders for the Ylissean army.
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