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Those Toshibas you posted aren't to bad, Mac. I'd hafta look up their graphic cards on notebookcheck, but they look good

I already have two 8GB RAM sticks that I can put into the comp myself, so the computer can come with 2-4GB and I'll just upgrade it.

Also, anyone know anything about out-of-warranty Dells? I'm on the Canadian site and it says they'll do repairs out-of-warranty for 250$ (except LCDs and motherboard) and send the packaging to my address. Does that mean they won't repair the top of the screen (not the screen itself; just how it "sits" into the computer frame) or the processor if it's been physically damaged (due to ex smashing his fist or w/e into it)?

Just don't want to send it away for 250$ and they send it back saying it's the motherboard and require more $$$ to repair or replace Do they refund the 250$ if they can't repair it? Or do you pay after the repair as a bill? I don't really get it.

If I can repair it for 250$ then that's great, but atm it won't even turn on. There are keys missing, too, so I'd still have to send it in if only for that (and the screen "set" issue, described above, if that's even covered). Maybe the RAM budged out of place? But I don't have the tools to open it up and look inside right now
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