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    It's his loss. He is the one that doesn't get to live anymore. He made that choice for himself, so I feel no sympathy for the man. It isn't like the people he unjustly hates for who they love, they can't decide that. His hate is entirely unfounded and the fact that he so radically clings to such beliefs even in the 21st century speaks ill of him and his. I mean, I suppose it is sad for his loved ones, but I've seen much worse happens to supporters of gay marriage, at the hands of the opponents, even, rather than themselves. If someone from the other side of the political spectrum had done this, then it might be a little bit more newsworthy. At is is now, he's just another lunatic who decided to off himself... there's about another 2000 who do that on a daily basis, mostly unrecognized... this guy is not special for being scum.
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