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    Originally Posted by hiinotama View Post
    can i join?

    NAME: hiinotama
    PARDNERS: Scott the Zigzagoon and Chief the Kecleon.
    WHY JOIN? i didn't want to join at first, but after checking the top post and looking through the NORMALtype Pokémon, i realised there's actually so many of them i absolutely adore. so i had no choice. my favourite Pokémon are always the ones that stand out. and in a way, to me, the NORMALtype stands out exactly because of what it's supposed to be; normal. it's the only type that doesn't really specify what it's about.

    current topic: NORMALtype CHARACTERISTICS? WOULD-BE NORMALtypes?
    like others remarked already, i think what characterizes a NORMALtype would be the fact they're often directly based off real-life animals. for that reason, to make them truly into a Pokémon rather than just an anime-ified animal, they have other quirks that make them 'supernatural'. other types have their typing itself as this quirk, and i think this is what makes NORMALtypes so much fun; they're completely themselves, and don't have anything they need to 'live up to'.
    apart from that, obviously a big characteristic of NORMALtypes is that their attacks are not super-effective to any other type, yet they do have one weakness and one immunity. again, this makes the typing itself very 'simple', exactly because they don't have such a wide scala of (non-)effectiveness.
    right now i can't think of any Pokémon that should be NORMALtyped, but i'll get back to you if i do.

    sorry if i rambled.
    Welcome to the club! Don't worry about it, its always nice when people go into detail~

    Sorry for the late response. Final exams are underway and whatnot...

    Anyway, i agree on the fact that most normal types are based on real life animals. But ya know alot of pokemon in the "Field"/"Ground" egg group are predominantly based off real life animals. Another pokemon that could be normal type that's another type(that's also based off an animal) is Mightyena. When you look at it, there seems to be little that could be atributed to its pure dark typing besides it coloration. Now say if you take its shiny form(which is brown) and substituted that for its primary coloration, then there really wouldnt be much sense in it being a dark type.

    Another animal like pokemon with barely any alteration from its natural animal is Arbok. It looks like your average giant snake. But its poison type because it has that special quality of having venom. This indicates that normal types might require no more than a general/simple design or origin. I can imagine how challenging it could be to turn animals into pokemon though while keeping a certain theme or tone in your designs.