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    Originally Posted by robin22gongon View Post
    Simpler Words:

    Create a Script Tile Event.
    Assign a script to it by putting the offset of your script in the "Script Offset".
    Fill out the "Unknown" Box with 0003.
    Fill out the "Var Number" Box with 4050.
    Test it.
    It works now doesn't it?

    Note: Nobody would've read that 5 times and yet not understand it. (Well, unless you don't know how to read, grammar, spelling etc.)
    Nah, I swear I read it 5 times. The issue was I just wasn't understanding it with it all drawn out like that. Yepp, It worked the way you said. What was confusing me was how it said the "var number and var value must match for the script to run" I would try to put 4050 in BOTH the value and number fields, ya know, to make them match. Idk how that made sense to everybody but me after so many hours...but yes, that DID work for me and I owe you big time. I apologize for absolutely dropping the ball on this one, but i've got it now and will get out of your hair now. Again, I swear I read it over and over...that one part just tripped me up.