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    Originally Posted by robin22gongon View Post
    Okay. So ummm.... Maybe you were just reading it and NOT understanding it.

    Well here.

    I'll explain.

    Simpler Words:

    Create a Script Tile Event.
    Assign a script to it by putting the offset of your script in the "Script Offset".
    Fill out the "Unknown" Box with 0003.
    Fill out the "Var Number" Box with 4050.
    Test it.
    It works now doesn't it?

    Note: Nobody would've read that 5 times and yet not understand it. (Well, unless you don't know how to read, grammar, spelling etc.)
    Firstly, no need to offend his grammar, reading and spelling skills. It's just plain rude.

    Secondly if you looked at his attachment, the picture looks perfect. The error lies within the script or variable.

    Thirdly Unknown does not have to be set as 03, this is a convention used by gamefreak and does can be left as 00 00.

    @Zemekis, try a new variable, you may have used this before. In Karatekid552's tut the variable 0x4050 is used,

    4050 Unknown or multi-use.
    Set to 0x1 after the "Don't go out yet!" OAK Script event.
    Set to 0x2 during the Hall of Fame room level script, if the National Dex is NOT already unlocked.
    Set to 0x3 after OAK's chat with the player in PALLET TOWN after beating the E4.

    As you can see if you have activated the first script in PALLET TOWN, the variable would have set to 1.

    I would look at the vars in this tut and try one that hasn't been used. Try 4027, I am using this variable in my hack and this works.