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Originally Posted by gavynray123 View Post
the mewtwo is the first one
Normal Mewtwo EX Next Destinies: $10 to $15

Originally Posted by linkofhyrule View Post
1st edition holo Alakazam
1st edition holo Zapdos
1st edition holo machamp x 2 complete evo set
2nd edition holo Charizard holo, charmealon charmander set
Doing just the first 4 entries of these for now, per the etiquette rules in the first post (no more than 4 requests per entry out of respect for others who are asking for values and because it otherwise becomes impossibly time-consuming for those who are pricing).
1st Edition Alakazam: $30 to $45. (assuming you mean the shadowless Base Set print here)
1st Edition Zapdos: Is this from the Base Set (with no set symbol to the bottom right of the picture) or from the Fossil Set (with the claw for the set symbol)?
1st Edition Machamp: I need more details on Machamp. Is it shadowless (meaning that there is no shadow to the right of the picture frame and the HP font is not bolded)? Is it shadowed (meaning that there is a shadow to the right of the picture frame and that the HP font is bolded)? This information impacts the value a fair bit.
As for Machop and Machoke, at most $0.50 apiece. A complete evolution set won't boost their value any unless you stumble into a Machamp family super-fan as your buyer.
Base Set 2 Charizard (the 2 with the PokeBall in it is a set symbol, not an "edition" symbol): $15 to $20.
Charmander and Charmeleon: $0.25 apiece roughly.

Originally Posted by Temp2012 View Post
Lass (RARE) x1
Rocket's Sneak Attack (RARE) x1
Super Energy Removal (RARE) x1
Flareon (RARE) x1

Vaporeon (RARE) x1
Pidgeotto (RARE) x1
Kangaskhan (RARE) x1
Dragonair (RARE) x1
Snorlax (RARE) x1
Wigglytuff (RARE) x1
Ditto (RARE) x1
Machamp - 1st Edition (RARE HOLO) x1
Dark Machamp (RARE) x1
Kabutops (RARE) x1
Dugtrio (RARE) x1
Mewtwo (RARE HOLO) x1
Raichu (RARE) x1
Electabuzz (RARE) x2
Zapdos (RARE HOLO) x1
Vileplume (RARE) x1
Venomoth (RARE) x1
Beedrill (RARE) x1
Scyther (RARE HOLO)x1
Pinsir (RARE HOLO)x1
Dark Charizard (RARE) x1
These are the only ones I'll price, as commons and uncommons are generally worth only $0.25 to $0.50 apiece, if that, unless there's some unusual error on them.

I'll also be pricing only 4 of these at a time, per the rules in the first post. The first 4 will be the 4 bolded at the top of the list.

Lass: $1 to $3.
Rocket's Sneak Attack: $1 to $3.
Super Energy Removal: $1 to $3.
Flareon: $1 to $3.

Originally Posted by mohan226 View Post
Zapdos 20/130

Team Aqua's Mightyena 15/95

Gyarados 7/130

Nidoking 11/130
Zapdos Base Set 2: $2 to $4.
Team Aqua's Mightyena Team Aqua and Team Magma: $1 to $3.
Gyarados Base Set 2: $2 to $4.
Nidoking Base Set 2: $2 to $4.
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