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    Originally Posted by fail5xsuccess View Post
    Great hack! I noticed a few errors in trainer data, and there happened to be a wild Vanillite in Route 6. How did you edit the music? I'm trying to switch music in a different ROM, but I can't manage to do so.
    If you read the introduction at the start, I stated that there would be non Hoenn Pokemon in the hack as well. I edited the music by looping the MIDI with Anvil Studio then converting with the latest midi2sseq then inserted with Tinke.

    Originally Posted by Sergeyevich View Post
    Really nice work. Do you have plans to change look main character?

    And tell me something. What do you use, to change starter pokemons?
    Im not going to change the main characters, but I may recolour him/her.
    I hex edited to change the starter pokemon. There was a tut on project pokemon.
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