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Character Name: Sonatina Requiess Derilia
Nickname: None, but she has sometimes been called Wyvern Lady, Silent Beauty and Anguia.
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Class: Wyvern Rider
Appearance: Sonatina is a beautiful young woman who is around 5’07” (170 cm) and only weighs about 110 lbs (50 kg) without armour. Sonatina has an average build and pale skin. Similar to her foster-father, Sonatina has orange hair but has a touch of red, unlike him. She wears the typical black attire of a wyvern rider, similar to that of Cherche, but has a cape similar to that of Minerva. Like Cherche, Sonatina has a white headband held together by wing-like metal. She wears thin but strong black armour, and wields her signature axe, Anguia. She is regarded as a Silent Beauty for her beautiful complexion and her muteness as well as her sombre grey eyes. She does not wish to hinder her wyvern’s flight abilities (which are above your average wyvern due to a larger wingspan) and tries to make up for her wyvern’s poor turning skills (her wyvern has a short tail) by being as light as possible and by being a good wyvern rider.
Wyvern Name: Cherche (You know, like how Minerva was a Wyvern Rider and Cherche's wyvern is called Minerva. I also posted this after the appearance bit to avoid confusion.)
Personality: Sonatina is nearly a complete mute, meaning that she cannot talk 90% of the time. This is not that big of as a setback, because she can still make basic sounds such as laughter, sobs, cries of pain, etc. She likes animals, and has a playful nature when it comes to her wyvern, Cherche. However, when in battle strategy discussions (just because she can’t speak, it doesn’t mean she can’t participate in them), she is very serious. She is very resistant to pain from messing around with her axe and cutting herself many times as a child. However, she reacts very emotionally to music and has been said to mutter a word or two when hearing beautiful music. She can’t stand seeing slums and poverty, promising to build an orphanage once she is older. She views her friendship with Cherche in high regard. Sonatina enjoys to feed her wyvern immensely and often goes for a fly for fun.
History: Sonatina was the born the daughter of a poor woman, who died during labour. Sonatina never knew about her father and stories say that her father was walking one day down a street when he seized his opportunity and raped Sonatina's mother. It was pure chance that the violinist Requiem was nearby when Sonatina was born, as Sonatina had no parents. Requiem took her in, and soon realised that she was a near-mute. Requiem retired his occupation as a travelling musician to take care of Sonatina, and they travelled across the sea to start a new life in Valm. Requiem managed to overcome Sonatina’s muteness with music, and Sonatina would occasionally talk a little bit with Requiem.
Sonatina was about eight when she arrived in Valm, and she and her foster-father built a cottage near the Valley of the Wyverns. However, Requiem had to pick up his old occupation if the two were to survive, leaving Sonatina at home alone often. Sontina would travel to the valley often during these times, and befriended an estranged wyvern of about her own age. The wyvern was estranged for having a short tail but long wing-span. When Requiem found about the two, he was surprisingly pleased and he explained that he deliberately built their cottage near the valley so Sonatina could have a wyvern friend. And so, Sonatina grew up with her wyvern Cherche, and they left their home at the age of 19. There they flew across the sea where they began their life in Ylisstol. There, Sonatina was trained by a member of famous Wyvern Rider family line despite being a mute. She developed friendship with a myrmidon under the name of Hiema. Sonatina joined the Sheperds after they completed their training here while Hiema decided to be a travelling myrmidon. Sonatina has now been a member for the Sheperds for over a year now.
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