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Originally Posted by buckeyestilidie View Post
So it'd be

#include stditems.rbh

#org 0x900000
checkflag 0x084A
if 0x1 goto 0x8900029
msgbox 0x890004E MSG_YESNO '"Take this, you'll need it more\nth..."
compare LASTRESULT 0x1
if 0x1 goto 0x8900034
msgbox 0x8900077 MSG_NORMAL '"That's okay. I'm sure someone\nels..."

#org 0x900029
msgbox 0x89000AB MSG_NORMAL '"Adios amigos."

#org 0x900034
msgbox 0x89000AB MSG_NORMAL '"Adios amigos."
setflag 0x084A

and then same for the other just 084B?
Pretty much. Give it a try.

Originally Posted by kearnseyboy6 View Post
No worries and unless you plan on using Jambo's patch to extend variables, you can have over 65,000 events off that 1 script tile, assuming these events only ever occur once. So if you plan carefully you wont used all the variable :D

My advice is keep the post by DavidJJCobb, and carefully decide which vars and flags you want to use.
For this whole argument, the var must be set to the value. As in, in a previous script:

setvar [var] [value]

This will do the trick. If the script appears right at the beginning of the game, then you won't need this because the var will already equal zero.

Robin22gongon: you have not earned the right to be curt with people yet, nor was Zemekis being rude. He was honestly trying to understand. Remember, you asked which vars were safe and how to use script tiles 3 times and I answered you everytime without being rude, and then you still kind of screwed up. Stop telling people to use var 0x4050. It is used by other scripts! Tell them to use 0x408F -> 0x40FF. Those are guarenteed to be safe.

Kearnsyboy6: thank you for explaining.

Originally Posted by Cold Ivory View Post
Putting this here again, with elaboration.
I honestly have no clue man. Except that it may be your emulator. I have found that mobile emulators often lag while playing the new gen III games and only run RS well. What exactly are you playing on?

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