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Yeah. Would not know how to do that lol I can put RAM and stuff in, but everything else I wouldn't trust myself with.

We managed to turn my old PC on, but I guess the DC jack is busted because when I plug it in, the blue light (indicating that the computer is charging / AC is on) turns itself off. Google tells me that it's a symptom and would need replacing. No idea how to do that.

Plus, having turned on, I got to see my beautiful 100% cracked DEL screen! Like, seriously, it had a gigantic fist mark delved into the cracks of the screen, rippling outwards where knuckles and joints had made contact. I'm so angry right now, but all I can do is laugh lol

So that in hand, we might go downtown to the shop and see if they can test the battery. If it can hold a charge, I might try to repair just the DEL and the keys... but I'm worried even more is damaged, if it managed to mess up the DC jack.

If the battery is screwed, that's 250$+labour right there, plus 200$ for the screen & labour + fixing damage around the screen, sides and replacing keys = probably around 600$. Would just buy a new PC at that point.

Guess we'll find out today :x the battery was fully charged when I brought it home, but it drained itself. Doesn't look too good.

So keep'er coming with the suggestions. I really want a new, comparable laptop, though I don't mind desktop suggestions still.
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