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    Good points, will work on it. I completely forgot about the item. And, my next Pokemon will be a Seismitoad. I'm putting one together at the moment.


    Type: Water/Ground

    Nature: Docile

    Ability: Swift Swim

    Item: Leftovers

    Moves: Rain Dance, Aqua Ring,Substitute, Rock Slide

    EVs’: 252 Att. /252 Spec. Att./4 Spe.

    I'm basing most of my choices by typing and whatnot. I'm currently looking at a Drapion next, but have a bunch of Pokemon in my mind and don't really know how to set up a team that works together. I believe my team will start with what I put down and slowly change through time and battling. I also feel that showing a couple Pokemon setups at a time is a good way of introducing a team because people will take the time to look at each individual Pokemon closer and am encouraged to improve them.